New Storage Warehouse

Your machinery and equipment is a big investment that you want to keep safe. Cullinan Rigging understands that, and that's why they provide a safe, clean, dry storage warehouse. Their newly built, 42,500 square foot facility provides:

  • State-of-the-Art Building
  • Safe, Heated Storage
  • Modern Sprinkler System
  • Large Doors (20 feet wide by 16 feet high)
  • Truck Scale Onsite for Road Weight Compliance

Cullinan Rigging capabilities include receiving machinery at their warehouse, which means you can avoid waiting time when there are road truck delays.

They can also uncrate and unskid machines inside their warehouse prior to delivering them, ensuring less disruption to your business operations at the time of delivery.

Your Crating and Overseas Shipping Specialists

Cullinan Rigging's facilities are prepared for receiving, shipping, crating and storage of any size. And their staff is experienced in shipping and crating machinery and heavy equipment overseas. Contact Cullinan Rigging about their storage warehouse or for your next overseas shipping project.


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